Precautions to Prevent UTI During Pregnancy

The most important and beautiful phase of a woman is when she is expecting. Delivering a child cannot be compared to anything, it’s blissful but a mother need to maintain gut health.

Expecting mothers are advised to take care of their mental as well as physical being for a healthy baby. They have to look over their health with their offspring’s not only for nine months but till 2 years after they are born.

Pregnancy hormones change your whole system which includes your urinary system as well. Urinary tract serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, they multiply quickly which travels to skin and then in your feces as your uterus starts expanding. It reaches your urinary tract thus disrupting the urine flow and causing other problems with it.

Pregnant women face these issues of Urinary Tract Infection during week 6 to 24 of their pregnancies. UTI’s can cause grave problems if left untreated as you may not feel the symptoms even though you may actually have an infection. The March of Dimes estimates that up to 10 percent Expectant mothers will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point during pregnancies.

As they rightly say, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Why not, take precautions ahead to let your beautiful phase of motherhood pass by silently.

We care for you and your baby, so The Mommy Collective brings you some healthy and easy precautionary tips for your safe health.

Health comes first for you young expecting mothers as well as for us.

Consume as much water as you can

Drink at least 8 ounces of liquid servings each day to keep you hydrated. It would result in frequent urinating. Urinating clears all the germs and bacteria from your bladder.

Exercise Good Hygienic Habits

After taking a bath, clean your whole body with a soft dry towel. Make sure to wipe your genital area free from water droplets which can prevent bacterial growth. Even after urination, wiping the area would help prevent UTI.

Don’t forget to urinate before and after sexual intercourse

Mandatorily make it a point to use the loo before and after having sex as it may prevent and eliminate the genital bacteria from forming and spreading across the whole area.

Urinate frequently

Go to restrooms frequently, do not avoid using it. This would help you empty your bladder and remove the toxins from inside.

Watch what you eat

Check for what you consume daily as it will directly affect your UTI. The food which you eat can cause inflammation thus resulting in irritation in the bladder. Whatever you eat, make sure it doesn’t result in any side effects.

Choose foods which are rich in vitamins and avoid refined and processed food or the intake of food which is rich in sugar level. Consume probiotics like curd.

Watch what you wear

Ensure that you use cotton underwear as synthetic fibers trap moisture into the skin whereas cotton doesn’t. Clean and fresh garments allow your genital area to breathe and avoid any type of bacterial formation inside it.

Consult your doctor

Visit your gynecologist every month, firstly to know if you’re facing this problem or not. His/her guidance may help you prevent UTI’s and take the proper medications if you have any.

Never consume any medicines or start any medicinal prescription without consulting your doctor about the same.

Drink unsweetened cranberry juice

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can help curb E.coli from sticking to your bladder thus preventing infection in the uterus. However, before consuming any tablets of cranberry or taking this juice, visit your gynecologist for detecting the problem.

Avoid using anything in your genital area

Do not use any hard soaps, body washes high in pH level as it may affect your soft and delicate area.

Change your underwear every day

Changing your inner garments daily can help prevent the moisture content of your body thus avoiding bacterial formation in that area.

Don’t stay in bath for longer than 30 minutes

Opt for a shower rather than a bath and don’t stay in it for more. Take only two baths a day if possible and avoid using bubble baths or any other substances which can be led to urethral openings.

“Giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. – John Stevenson”

Let this adventure be a lifetime memory for you and your little one. Cherish, Indulge and enjoy this phase with precaution because it won’t be the same the next time. So take care of yourself and the one which is going to make this world a beautiful place to live in.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.