Choosing a BBQ That’s Best For YOU

BBQ’s…Gone are the days when you only had a couple of options when it came to choosing your first bbq catering Sydney. Nowadays, you could very easily be overwhelmed by the huge variety and selection of BBQ grills available. You will find a number of varieties…and a number of options within each variety.

So… what’s out there, and what are the pros and cons?

Charcoal BBQ

  • Charcoal BBQs are the most popular of all grills.
  • They come in all sizes and shapes and are small enough for people who live in apartments or smaller homes.
  • You will need to get the charcoal burning, so some kind of lighter fluid, fire lighters or some other means of getting the fire going will be required.
  • You will get your hands a bit messy handling the charcoal.
  • Wood is often used as a starter – especially if more time is available – as it ultimately turns to charcoal anyway.
  • Note: make sure you buy charcoal… not coal used in Winter fireplaces.
  • It’s fun building a fire from scratch, lighting it, and watching your creation go up in flames… eagerly waiting in anticipation for the right time to start cooking.


  • Gas BBQs often use propane gas to cook the food.
  • Gas has the advantage of cooking meats in a shorter period of time while still retaining some of that grilled flavour.
  • No handling charcoal. Gas is cleaner burning and quick starting. You could be cooking within 10 minutes of lighting.
  • Gas BBQs are generally more expensive to buy.
  • The heat is controllable.
  • Look for a gas bbq where the gas elements are not prone to rusting.

Smoker BBQ

  • Smoker BBQs are slow cooking… slowly smoking the meat, giving it a greater smoked flavour.
  • Wood chips are often use. Different woods give different flavours.
  • Some charcoal BBQs can be used as ‘smokers’.


  • Consider your available space – both for when cooking, and storing. Sometimes this will be the same space.


  • Depending on the make and the available features, BBQs could be really cheap or extremely expensive. Smaller charcoal BBQs could be bought quite inexpensively.
  • Note: Stay away from disposable BBQ’s though… I don’t like them for tons of reasons. Top two? Bad for environment. Not good for cooking! You can get cheap ‘mobile’ BBQ’s quite easily anyway.

Needs (or wants)

  • Personally, I like a big BBQ since it gives me more options. Also – I like charcoal. But, that’s personal preference… I just like to build a proper fire with wood or charcoal, light it… and do the ‘MAN’ thing. Otherwise, gas is great too!! Just make sure you’ve got gas in reserves so you don’t run out.
  • You can find out more BBQ info on The Blazing BBQ.

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